Helmut Lang top Fall 1999, No Sesso Gloves Fall 2016, Womxn’s Rites handloom shorts Fall 2017-present, Comme des Garçons shoes Spring 2004. DoNormaal is an artist living in Seattle and experimenting in morbid, emotional, prayer. Arranging a photo shoot …

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The Liberal Arts of Hollis Wong-Wear

Hollis Wong-Wear in Georgetown wearing our Sportwardian and Jules Skirt from our Fall 16 Collection Hollis Wong-Wear is a poet, activist, musician and advocate for the under-represented. We had the pleasure of roaming around Georgetown with her and get …

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The Distant Observer

Mary Ann Peters is one of Seattle’s most thoughtful creatives. She has conceived large scale installations made of honeycomb and flour to tapestries and bronze casted pitas. Mary Ann founded an interdisciplinary artist run space in the International Di …

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Izzie Klingels is a renaissance woman of the world. Originally from London, she relocated to Seattle six years ago to live with her husband Christian Petersen of I Want You Studio. She works in a range of mediums from floristry to illustration. We saw …

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High Philosophy : An Interview with Gazebos

Shannon Perry – Vocals, wearing our Hyper Kinetic RomperIn a city that has no shortage of music Gazebos is a Seattle band you must see live. Each individual in this quartet has played in bands throughout Seattle’s music community for over a decade. Sha …

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Indian Summer

Our friendship and collaboration was built on hours shopping for used and vintage clothing. Our interest went deeper than what was flattering or suitable for either of us. It was an exploration of design and codes in dress.Respecting the resources and …

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A Curated Glimpse

Adria Garcia runs vintage clothing boutique Indian Summer on Capitol Hill, Seattle. Along with being a beautifully curated shop in the city, it also acts as a cultural hub connecting artists and creatives in the community through self expression and a …

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Reclaimed Pillows

Recently our team completed a series of pillows from hoodies that were damaged in production, rendering them completely unusable as the garment they were produced to be.  We save these dyed garments to repurpose them so the materials are not put to was …

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Satisfying Cat

Cat aka SassyBlack is one half of the hip hop duo TheeSatisfaction. As she works on a series of solo projects we had her in the studio to pair up our Holiday ’15 collection along with her every day accessories. Here she shares a bit about her history a …

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