Indian Summer

Our friendship and collaboration was built on hours shopping for used and vintage clothing. Our interest went deeper than what was flattering or suitable for either of us. It was an exploration of design and codes in dress.

Respecting the resources and skill involved in garment production is something all designers consider. Sharing this passion with end users is part of our sustainable mission, to consider how their clothing purchases impact the world. Buying pre-owned clothing and taking care of what you own is direct action in the stewardship of resources. We want to incorporate those practices in our retail landscape. It connects us to a greater story of cultural development through design and manufacturing.

This is also a chance to share the way we combine Prairie Underground’s color and silhouette with a wider range of textures and shapes by other designers. Adria Garcia owns a vintage boutique in Seattle called Indian Summer. She is a brilliant curator and hand picked these items with our clothing and customer in mind. These looks truly represent the way we dress and it’s thrilling to show our clothing in this way. We hope it inspires new ideas for you.

– Davora Lindner & Camilla Eckersley

“Everyone should consider how their clothing purchases impact the world.”

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