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Cat aka SassyBlack is one half of the hip hop duo TheeSatisfaction. As she works on a series of solo projects we had her in the studio to pair up our Holiday ’15 collection along with her every day accessories. Here she shares a bit about her history and dreams for the future both personally and creatively.

Q: Could you describe your songwriting process for us? Both for solo work as well as your collaborations?

I naturally have a song in my heart as corny as that may sound. I have a natural inclination to sing about everything, so I begin with a melody. This typically leads to lyrics or harmonies then to the formation of the song. Ultimately leading to the production that will accompany the song. However, it all changes up when I write a song to an existing beat. When this is the case, I let the music shape my wording and vocal expression.

Q: When did you discover your voice?

When I was 10 years old, I relocated from Hawaii to Seattle. During this process I found myself needing a creative outlet and singing was the most natural choice for me. I wasn’t all that good at first but I made it my mission to become great.

Q: Do you have a favorite Pacific Northwest artist?

Hmmm, I am inspired by a few musicians. The favorites change from time to time. Right now I would say Choklate and Gifted Gab

Q: Any favorite places to eat while on tour?

As of late anywhere with soup, rice dishes or spring rolls. I have been dippin’ in and out of cities so quickly, I don’t get a lot opportunities to check out spots as in depth as I would like. However I am always open to suggestions from fans.

Q: What was your favorite show you have seen and/or performed at?

I saw Stevie Wonder with my parents last year for the Songs In The Key of Life tour at the Key Arena. It was beautiful and crazy entertaining. Stevie had all the jokes and even did a lil DJ set. I also recently saw Stanley Clarke which was another life changing moment. Both amazing artists.

Q: Who are your style icons?

I am really inspired by 90’s divas like Queen Latifah, MC Lyte & TLC at the moment. All that flare and color is my wave. When I’m not on that tip I wear a bunch of star trek looking dresses inspired by TNG or DS9.

“I have a natural inclination to sing about everything, so I begin with a melody.”

Q: What was your introduction to music?

My entire family has a passion for music. They love listening to it and breaking it down to figure it out. So I have always been surrounding by a wide variety of music from Earth, Wind & Fire to Annie Lennox to Bobby McFerrin to Technotronic.

Q: Who would you love to collaborate with?

I really want to work with Badu, Herbie Hancock, Patrice Rushen & Stanley Clarke. All together or separate. That would be some great music.

Q: What next big projects are you working on? Anything for us to mark on our calendars?

I am releasing a few more EPs before the end of the year, so I would say keep your eyes on my bandcamp beginning in October!

Check out her most music here

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