Garment Care

All Prairie Underground clothing embodies a sense of craft and quality. For us, craftsmanship translates to design with purpose. To carry on this lasting philosophy, be kind to your Prairie Underground garments in order to ensure many happy years of use. All of our garments have a care and content label, usually at the back of the neck. You should refer to them for style specific care instructions. Care and content will vary. Some general tips have been included below for some of our most popular styles.


Our long jackets often feature two-way zippers. Two-way zippers have two zipper heads that unzip the chain in opposite directions. The top zipper head closes the garment. Once closed, the bottom zipper head can unzip the garment from the hemline. The bottom zipper head will only unzip. Be sure to have both zipper heads lined up at the bottom and close your jacket using the top zipper head.


Most of our hooded sweatshirts are composed of 100 % organic cotton French Terry and Fleece. Be careful to launder them in cold water on the gentle cycle and hang or lay flat to dry. Do not line dry in direct sunlight. This may cause fading. Laundering your hoodie in hot water can also result in fading and is not recommended. To prevent fading launder infrequently or dry clean.


Prairie Underground’s garments are made of organic fibers and delicate fabrics. We recommend that you Machine Wash Cold on Gentle and hang dry to prevent fading and for longer use. If you must use a dryer use the lowest heat and delicate setting. Dry clean for longest lasting condition.


We recommend purchasing denim bottoms with a tight fit as these textiles will release some with wear. Only launder denim in cold water and hang to dry. Wear your denim for as long as possible before laundering, this will assist the twill in conforming to your shape. Turning your jeans inside out before laundering can assist in maintaining color. Only wash denim with like colors or alone. Denim can bleed and may damage other garments. Be careful when wearing denim with white garments and accessories or on white upholstery. The indigo dyes in denim can transfer.

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