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Mending by Lenna petersen

Join us at Prairie Underground for a special event with the talented Lenna Petersen! Bring your worn-out clothes and learn how to mend them in a sustainable and creative way. Lenna will share her expertise on repairing garments and give you tips on how to make your clothes last longer. Don’t miss this chance to connect with like-minded individuals and learn a new skill that will benefit both you and the environment. See you there!

Day 1 – Mending Class
July 27th 1pm-4pm

Join us on saturday for part one of our mending series to learn sturdy, long-lasting patching techniques for seats, elbows, and knees. Bring one woven garment , like jeans or a flannel shirt, with a hole to work on. Other tools provided. No prior sewing experience is necessary.

Day 2 – Darning Class
July 28th 1pm-4pm

Join us on saturday for part two of our mending series to learn darning techniques for socks, moth holes, and other small holes in knits. Bring your holey sock or moth-eaten sweater to work on. Other tools provided. No prior sewing experience is necessary.

-Classes will be 3 hours with a 10 minute break between the first and second hours
-Classes will be $35 each (email info@prairieunderground.com for sliding sale option)
-Class size limited to 12 people!



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