Spring 2015

Mid Victorian Raincoat Demeter Dress Cast Shape Robe Cast Shape Tank Go Ask Alice Denim Butterfly

Holiday 2014

Stand and Deliver Passerby Dress Two Minds | Supermoto Moon Ruffle | Sail Away | Off The Rails Commotion Dress Ghost Rider | Stand and Deliver | Supermoto

Fall 2014

MTV Dress Vilette Sweater | Harmonia Tee | Lucien Jean Harmonia Tee | Lucien Jean Untitled Tunic | Crunch Time Crunch Time Treehouse Coat | Text Cadet | Nouveau Legging …

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Summer 2014

Heron Dress Logomania Lace Boy Tee | Painter’s Pant Cliff Blouse | Painter’s Pant Space Cadet | Harp Legging Cliff Blouse | Heron Dress

Spring 2014

Cloud Raven | Carpenter Legging Body Armor | Body Double Forties Coverall Dress Code Forties Coverall Paper Plane | Praxis Pant

Holiday 2013

Silver Drift 100 Proof | Fanzine | Tuxedo Legging Ribbon Wanderer | Velvet Pin-Up Canvas Minimalist Regalia Vest | 100 Proof Mid Frock Coat | Bergman Shirt

Fall 2013

Silk Plume Prince Charming Hard Times Dress Medallion Mothette Rain Blanket Ionic Blouse

Summer 2013

Par Avion Tawny Field Dress Summer Kimono | Tawny Field Dress Beach Comber Raven Dress Summer Kimono | Aerial Dress

Spring 2013

Trouble w/ Dreams | Painter’s Pant Huntress | Painter’s Pant Lost Highway Raincoat Trouble w/ Dreams Jean Le Smoking Sweet Jane

Holiday 2012

Frond Collar Shawl Orbit Secret Academy L/S Denim Day Dress Falcon Dress Untitled Tunic

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