Rumi Koshino

Rumi Koshino

‘In this project I honed in on colors, shapes, and patterns of Prairie Underground’s apparel and experimented with how they interact with each other. The casual collision of each element mirrors the shift and movement of energy in human encounters. In my creative process I listen to the internal and external sounds. Using my intuition and materials in front of me, I orchestrated this installation. I gave myself the limitation of only using Prairie Underground’s clothing for the surface material. This inspired me to challenge my imagination and creativity.’

Rumi Koshino is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco. Her work derives from everyday life experiences, thoughts and emotions, and the medium ranges from paper sculpture, found-object installation, video to watercolor on paper. She earned BFA and MFA from the University of Washington, and has exhibited at a number of galleries in the Pacific Northwest and Tokyo, Japan. 

RUMI KOSHINO x Prairie Underground, 2015

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