Frank Correa

Frank Correa

It was one of those memorable days that spawned from a sticky situation. The original plan included completing the photo shoot in Seattle before driving 17 hours south to Los Angeles with Elfy. Unfortunately, the keys got locked in the car, and the hours during which we were supposed to shoot quickly escaped us. Luckily, a locksmith eventually arrived. We had no choice but to continue when we arrived at our destination. The weather was especially hot on that day. It could have easily been the hottest day of the year. There was no plan except to explore Los Angeles.

Elfy drove and Pierre came along for love and support. Seattle friends in Southern California; this place had the comforts of home. With a camera in hand, I was excited about seeing Los Angeles for the first time. We embarked on our adventure at noon and wrapped up at midnight. A day-to-night photo shoot. Our journeys lead us through the canyons of Long Beach, San Pedro, and Laguna.

We spent a short time trying to cool off in Malibu by swimming in the ocean, and then perused along the perfectly manicured tree lined streets and mansions of Bel Air. The sun set over us when we were in Beverly Hills, and as night fell, we wandered around Hollywood, China Town, and Downtown L.A. The city was exactly as I expected it to be, although the heat became a bit unbearable at times.

Everything happened the way that it was supposed to. Cruising around with the windows down while listening to tunes was the perfect way to take in the views.

Malibu, 2014
Long Cloak Hoodie in Natural Spring 2015

Moon Drive, 2014
l/s Sirenuse in Downi Spring 2015

Frank Correa is a Seattle based photographer from the mystical land of Peru who has created a provocative world filled with vibrant hues. You are invited to a land where the powerful human form is worshipped; where nature and subject coexist in harmony. A surreal utopia that incites your curiosity and carnal cravings. Franks visual dreams feature animals, artists and city dwellers.

FRANK CORREA x Prairie Underground, 2014

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