Karra Wise

Into the shed

We had the great honor to photograph and interview local Pacific Northwest potter, Karra Wise, for our next feature of Womxn We Love. 

Photo essay by ELISA



How did you get into pottery?

When I decided I no longer wanted to bake professionally I had to figure out what to replace that with. I went in search of something that reflected my aesthetic, sensibility, and joy of making. Something that I could potentially sell at my home venue, In The Shed, along with other artists. I’m a maker of a lot of things so it’s nice to focus on one medium. I’ve been working with clay for about 6 years now, it’s been a very slow process, which is nice but there’s SO much more I want to know! I’m happy with my career change and open to the evolution life brings. 

Who inspires you?

Anyone who is doing anything that pushes against the system that has told us what is “normal” is an inspiration to me! You can find and/or create those moments or interactions anywhere!

Dream job

I don’t know!! I’ve imagined myself doing a lot of different things and think I’m somewhat capable of a lot BUT really, I’d love to do my work and not have to worry about the money part. I dislike putting a price tag on everything I do to pay the bills. The value of art, the tech world and everything in between is so messed up. That said, I grew up wanting to be a truck driver because I wanted to travel, that’s how my brain works!

What’s next

Stepping out of my comfort zone is something I need to do more. Take more risks! But since I’ve been given the gift of aging, my health must come first!

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